Paddle Board Fishing - True Stealth

Paddle board fishing is one that really takes some skill. If you thought kayak fishing involved skill wait until you try this. Paddle board fishing will test your skills when it comes to balance. When you catch a big fish see how well you can hold on.

Choosing the Right Paddle Board for Fishing

Paddle board fishing continues to grow in popularity. With the increased popularity comes an increased amount of products. There are numerous different types of fishing paddle boards to choose from due to the rapid increase in popularity for this type of fishing.

Normal Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Board aka SUP

You can purchase a normal stand up paddle board like the one shown above and do some adaption to attach your fishing gear.

Fishing Paddle Board

You can also purchase a fishing paddle board as you see above. It is constructed with tie downs for your cooler, rod holders and a high bar.

You can also purchase inflatable stand up boards or modular stand up paddle boards if you don't have the means to carry around a full size SUP.

Advantages of Paddle Board Fishing

One of the most obvious advantages is you are always standing up and see down into the water. Get some polarized sunglasses and you are ready to go.

Another great advantage of paddle board fishing is the stealth to ease up on the fish without being heard.

The fishing paddle board is great for getting into the flats to fish.

Paddle Board Fishing Tips

- Pay close attention to the weather forecast before you head out. It takes skill to keep balance on the sup in the best of conditions. Heavy winds and waves can make it even more complicated.

- Uses leashes and tie downs to keep your gear safe from lose. If you flip the paddle board without this you can quickly lose it all.

- Use caution around rocky shallow areas or areas that may have stumps or other obstructions just below the waters surface. You can quickly damage your paddle board under these conditions.

- Keep your gear light.

Paddle Board Fishing Conclusion

Choosing the right board will depend on you budget and needs. There are sups to fit any need that you may have. Use caution and start with short trips until you get the hang of things, especially the balance. Paddle board fishing may be that next challenge that you are looking for. Always use caution and enjoy yourself.