Best Bait for Bass - The Ultimate Strike

The Bass Fishing Experience

Your fishing gear is packed and ready to go. You still wonder if you packed enough and brought along the right bait to catch that trophy bass you have been waiting for. You have stocked up with lures, packaged bait and live bait. Now only time will tell what the day will bring.

Types of Bass

The best bait for bass will depend on what type of bass you are fishing for but, they all have some similarities as to types of bait they prefer. You may be fishing for small mouth bass, large mouth bass or striper bass.

Best Bait for Bass

As you can see from the above video bass can be very aggressive and eat anything that enters there water. I do not suggest using a duck to fish for bass bait but you get the idea.

To truly find the best bait for bass you will have to learn the areas that you fish and the weather. For example if you fish in murky waters you may find that you will need some bright colored, scented or noise bait.

Plastic Worms are one of the best bass baits around. With all of the new styles of bass lures that have been developed sometimes it is best to stick with the old trustworthy worm. Plastic worms are available in virtually every color that you can imagine. They also come with fish attractant and some are coated in glitter to really stand out. You can purchase plastic worms in an array of sizes.

Crankbaits are another great option when you looking for the proper bass bait. With the look of bait fish, one of the favorite foods for bass, this is one of the best fishing lures for bass. The design of the crankbaits allow them to dive in the water as you real them in. This allows you to cover a large amount of water and get down to the bass that are hiding in the deep. The rocky areas and drop offs are the best locations to use crankbaits to catch bass. On the drop offs cast the crankbait on the shallow end and allow it to dive in the deep as you reel it in.

Tips for Using a Crankbait to Catch Bass

- Use erratic motions when you are retrieving the bass lure to offer more appeal.

- When you are setting the hook do not jerk the rod to set the hook just reel it faster to avoid ripping the hook out of the mouth of the bass.

- Keep your rod to the side at a 90 degree angle from the line and keep your rod tip down.

- In the early spring you should use larger crankbaits and change out to smaller crankbaits after the bass have spawned. As time goes on you can gradually change to larger sized crankbaits.

Best Live Bait for Bass

The best live bait for bass is shad or shiners. They move around rapidly and on sunny days they almost have a flash to help draw in the bass.

The key to using live bait for bass is to hook them properly. You want to hook them about midways down there body. The key is to make sure that you miss the spine so they can still swim.