Kayak Fishing - The Solo Fishing Experience

Traveling Fast Alone Kayak Fishing!

As you launch your kayak and dip the paddles into the water and effortlessly glide across the surface of the water like a shadow you begin to relax and cast away the troubles of life. Hold on to your gear as we explore the wonders of kayak fishing at its best.

Key Advantages of Kayak Fishing

1. Cost: A kayak will cost a lot less than if you want to go out and purchase a boat. They can also have trolling motors attached if you prefer not to paddle.

2. Water Access: Since Kayaks are very light in weight you have a large variety of options to get on the water than if you have with a boat that needs a special place to put in.

3. Access when on the Water: This is one of my favorites for kayak fishing. A kayak will allow you to get back into the sloughs were very few people fish. You can get a kayak full of fish quickly in some of these areas.

4. Stealth: The fishing kayak floats on top of the water and allows you to get into the areas where the fish are biting without the water disturbance of a boat.

Essential Kayak Gear for the Beginner

Watching the Sun set as the day draws to an end.

1. If you haven't guessed it yet, the main items you need first are at least the kayak and a paddle or trolling motor to get around. I highly suggest a back up paddle and a leash to avoid loosing your kayak paddle.

2. A floatation device and an emergency are a must have especially when you are on your solo kayak fishing trip.

3. Tie downs are a key when it comes to kayak gear. Kayaks can be flipped and you need to make sure all of your kayak supplies and kayak equipment are strapped down. Bungee cords work very well in this situation.

4. Storage: If your kayak does not have storage areas built in you need to add a milk crate or something simple to keep everything you need for your kayak fishing trip. Make sure you secure the container with your tie downs of choice.

5. Leashes are needed for everything on your kayak that you can't use your tie downs for and you don't want to lose.

6. Last but not least a key kayak gear essential for kayak fishing is your fishing gear and cooler to catch the fish that you are looking for.

Unessential yet Helpful Gear for Kayak Fishing

1. A dry bag backpack is a great way to store all your kayak gear that you want to keep dry.

2. A gps and fish finder is great kayak equipment to help you find your way and find the fish.

3. While holders and fasteners are not a key necessity to have on your kayak if you are purchasing one for kayak fishing I would highly suggest to spend that extra money and purchase one that has built in rod holders, gps and fish finder attachment, trolling motor attachment and some d-rings to help secure all of your kayak gear and equipment.

 4. A trolling motor is not a necessity for kayak fishing but it can sure help you get there with ease.

5. An anchor can be beneficial to keep you on that hot fishing spot that you just found.

Tips and Techniques for Kayak Fishing 

- Be prepared to get wet. It is advisable to purchase some quick dry clothing to wear on your kayak fishing trip.

- Keep your head and body centered to keep balanced. This will become first nature after a little practice.

- Keep your kayak gear fastened down. It is not out of the norm to flip a kayak when you are not used to it. Keep the leashes on and gear strapped.

- Use the advantages of the kayak. Use the stealth of the kayak to your advantage and don't splash and make noise. The kayaks low profile is great for fishing the shallows and getting into tight spaces.

Kayak Fishing The Landing

The kayak fishing exploration draws to a completion and it was a blast. You wonder why you have never ventured this way in the past.